Dry Bottom Ash Handling System

• More than 25 patents in dry bottom ash handling system.

• Key equipment: DUNOCON (scale bucket conveyor) (patent), Steel belt conveyor (traditional)

• Reference: 269 units (217 new+52 retrofit), no. 1 in the world

• Capacity: up to 1000mw, 80t/h, 70m length.

• Cooling performance: 900℃ to 150℃ (The lowest to 80℃)

The air cooling system
Main equipment factory test
DUNOCON ((Daneng Patent, Length: 67m)
Hydraulic Pre-crusher Gate (Daneng Patent)
Dry Bottom Ash Crusher (Daneng Patent)
Typical Reference

Banji 2×1000MW

American AES power plant(in Philippines) 2×300MW bottom ash and pyrite handlsing system